Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

Backyard Living At Its Finest

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Exceptional Custom Outdoor Kitchen

In the finest homes, outdoor living spaces aren't a nice touch—they are expected. Our signature products make it easy to transform your backyard into a showpiece that rivals the beauty of any you've seen. Your outdoor kitchen countertop goes a long way to add to the allure of the space, and our selection includes options to suit any style.

Our countertops offer many benefits beyond their impressive beauty, including:

  • Weather Resistance
    We don't just mean our countertops can stand up to a little rain. Our proprietary countertops can withstand the most extreme weather, from freezing winters in Coastal Maine to the unforgiving heat of an August day in Phoenix.
  • Non-Porous Surfaces
    No matter how much you love your imported granite or marble countertops, caring for them can be a hassle—but you won't have to worry about such maintenance in your custom outdoor kitchen from us. The non-porous surface won't stain—even if a guest spills their glass of Chateau Petrus 2010 and neglects to wipe it up.
  • Many Style Options
    Our fiber-reinforced, polymeric concrete countertops can be custom fabricated to fit any outdoor kitchen island. Many colors and unique designs are available, so we can provide a look that ties all the elements of your outdoor space together.
  • Fast Installation
    We can precast your countertops on-site or in a controlled environment. Either way, your impressive new countertops can be installed by our Authorized Installers in just a few days, so you won't have to wait long to start enjoying your updated outdoor space.

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