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Read letters from two of our many satisfied customers:

To Whom It May Concern:

If you are reading this, you are thinking about purchasing Southern Windows.

I have done the homework for you so you can feel comfortable knowing you are dealing with the Best Window Company in the state of South Carolina.

I called four companies to set appointments for a meeting to decide on windows. The first one would not set an appointment unless my husband was present. I explained that he is working two jobs and it was not possible and they said it was policy that they only come out when both can be there. The next three companies I set appointments a day apart and met with each with southern being the last one because of knowing Mr. Gillespie, who has passed and his wife now owns the company. I drew a basic picture of the house, and showed each window and the measurements and gave the same drawing to each of the three company reps.  I explained what I wanted for certain windows and that we would have to work around my husband’ sleep schedule since he has 12hour shifts that are days for four weeks and nights for four weeks. The first company, that refused to set an appointment, still called and hung up until I caught the call before the answering machine did last week.  They still wanted to set an appointment and I explained that since they would not work with me then we had gone with a company that did and the windows were
already in. They said to call if we needed anything else.  LOL.  I hope that they took us off their calling list.

The next two came out and showed the windows, look at my drawing and gave estimates.  The first one was more than double what we paid for Southern Windows and the windows  were not quality windows.  The next company was closer to the quality of the Southern windows but close only counts in Horse Shoes and the price was less than the first company but way more than Southern. When Lamar came out for Southern, he was the only one to take the time to look at the areas of concern. He then gave me the estimate. I told him I would go over it with my husband and get back with him.  Since my husband was on days, it was 8pm before that night before I could go over in information with him. I explained what I liked and disliked about the companies.  The only company that had everything we wanted was Southern. I found a time when Lamar could come back out and meet with my husband to answer any questions he had and we signed the agreement. Since my husband was about to go back on nights, we had to wait until December for him to be back on days. I then gave all homework to Lamar so he could see what the other company had to offer. There was no competition.
The weather caused several delays and the front of the house was done but the
back yard had four dogs and slippery mud that was too dangerous to have
installers in the back yard.  Southern worked with us until we could safely
get the installers in the back yard and finish the job.  Everyone with
Southern is very helpful and works to have 100% satisfaction which is what you
get. I forgot to tell you, I also went online to check with the Better Business
Bureau on all of the Window companies and Southern was the only one with a
Wonderful Report. The others had complaints that were not good.

Now that you know you are dealing with the only Quality Window Company in South
Carolina, rest assured that you made the right choice in choosing Southern for
your windows. Feel free to come by and see our windows.


Customer from
Greenville, SC


I am really pleased with the windows and the installation by Chuck and his helper, Darrel. They did a really good job and the windows look very nice.

I am really pleased with the whole process and the product.  As I told you,
Mike Dover gave me a great tour of the plant as when we went by to view the
windows and he was very knowledgeable. We really were impressed with his
willingness to show us around and also his very helpful attitude. The
cleanliness of the pant also told us a lot about the company opposed to other
plants we visited.

After I had done a great deal of research on other windows, I became convinced
that Southern does have the best product available.  Your warranty would
put you out of business if you did not have a superior product.  We then
invited you to our home and ordered the windows we needed.  You were very
helpful and did not pressure us to buy but simply made your presentation and
thoroughly answered your questions.  Even more impressive was the time from
our order to installation.  In exactly ten days from the day we signed the
contract, our windows were installed. You cannot beat that for responsiveness
especially since we had a custom window in the mix.

Overall, we are really convinced that we chose the right company to do business
with.  I have been impressed with everyone from Mrs. Gillespie, who we met
at the Home Show, to the installers. Everyone seemed to know a great deal about
the product and the relative quality.

I would suggest that you schedule a couple of times a week that people could
come by and go through your plant as we did. If you advertised that and people
took advantage of the offer, I believe you would sell many of them on the spot.
I know that is a little extra trouble but it might be worth it. It made a
difference to us.

Hope you are doing well and we appreciate your helpfulness,


Rig of Greenville


Dear Mrs. Gillespie,

We have been so impressed with your organization and its employees since our
first encounter with your salesperson at your manufacturing plant.
When we arrived at your facility in Liberty, Jason and Michelle made us feel
very welcome. Jason graciously took time for us to tour the plant explaining the
meticulous work put into each piece.  When he came to our home to measure,
he was prompt and professional as he measured out windows and doors.

Then when the windows were ready to be installed Randall and Luke came to do the
job. (A job, as it turned out, that was much more difficult than anyone had
expected, due to the construction of the house and the method used to set the
windows.)  Randall remained positive and focused on the problem and the
resolution until he completed the job, which took many more hours than he
anticipated.  They both were always knowledgeable, pleasant, clean and
prompt. They cleaned up the mess in our house each day as they finished and were
always patient when we had questions or requests. We were reassured to know they
were taking great interest in the task and great pride in their work. To this
point the job has been very satisfactorily completed. They certainly are top
quality installers and we are so grateful they came to do our work.

We have every reason to believe that the windows which are now installed and the
doors when they arrive will make our home as beautiful and comfortable as we
expected! We are just amazed at the wonderful warranty you offer and the fact
that your products have received the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. It is
indeed our pleasure to be the proud wonders of your products and will be happy
to recommend your products and services to our friends and neighbors

Keep up the great work!
John & Mozelle of Seneca


I love my windows! They’ been in two days and I could immediately feel a
difference in the master bedroom, it wasn’ as stuffy as it has been before.
I can feel a difference in other rooms too, but that bedroom was the worst for
Chad, the installer was great too, he knew just what to do and installed them
without stopping at all.  He was also very polite

Thanks again
Marlene of Greenville


Mrs. Gillespie-

Southern Glass has two outstanding employees in Chuck Latham and Aaron Chapman.
I hope they are fully appreciated. I’ be happy to give a reference anytime.

Syd of Seneca


We have a beautiful new garden door, and we wanted to say Thank You!

As always, our experiences with Southern has been terrific. But this time, we
wanted to say thank you to Jason and Francine for your expertise and your
patience.  We do appreciate all of your time.  We also wanted to
commend the two gentlemen who installed the door- Dmitri and Oleg.  You’re
lucky to have them as employees; they’ professional at obviously very good at
their job.  We couldn’t be happier with everything!

-Ken & Joyce of Greer.


Dear Mrs. Gillespie:

Recently I bought some sliding glass patio doors from Southern Vinyl.  The
installer was Mr. Vladimir Khomichuk.
Mr. Khomichuk abd his co-worker were fast, courteous and did a good job and
tried to please me.  I would say that they represented Southern well.
Sincerely Yours,
Herman of Central


Thanks for all of your hard work and patience. The windows look even better than
I though that they would.  Now I get to clean and believe it or not… I am
excited about it!



 To My New Friends,

Thank you so much for letting me become a part of a new friendship.  Each
one of you are special.
The lunch, laughs, and animal talks were “great.”  Those memories you will
never forget.
The crew with the windows were just “super”. Southern Vinyl has my vote anyday.
Thank each on of you again. God bless and continue doing the great work with a
wonderful smile and attitude.
Special thanks to Lamar and Michelle for their war friendship.

Your Friend,
Tommie of Spartanburg


Dear Ms. Gillespie:

On December 27, 2006 a salesman from your staff, Lamar Bunch, came to our home
to give us a quote of windows for our home.  Lamar was the best salesman I
have had the privilege of talking with in several years. He listened, ask
questions and gave my husband and I what we felt was the best information
possible.  We were immediately sold on the windows just because of his
expertise and gentleness in his voice.  After we were given the price of
eleven windows we were honest with Lamar and hold him we would pray about the
purchase and that we would be in touch with him. Lamar, the gentleman that he
was did not bug us. He placed a call to our home around the end of January just
to check and see if we had any questions.  We were not ready to purchase
them yet but told him that we would be in touch.  Just in a few weeks later
we placed a call to Lamar and he made an appointment with us to stop by and
measure our existing windows that we could begin the process.

On March 4, 2007 two of your staff members, Kevin and Shawn began the
installation process of eleven windows for our home. They finished their work on
March5, 2007 which included the re-hanging of my mini blinds and curtains as
well as picking up any debris that the installation may have left behind.
These two staff members are true gentlemen. They addressed each other as my
co-worker and that always used the most polite manners when addressing my
husband and myself.  These two men did an outstanding job. I am so
impressed that there are still hardworking men out there.

I feel that in today’ society that we do not give praise to those who deserve
it, please take the time to let these three employees know that they all did a
great job.

Sur from Westminster


Dear Toni,

Claudette and I want you ad all of
your associates to know how pleased we are with the entire process we went
through with you beginning with our tour of your manufacturing facility,
followed by selection of windows for our home, and finally their installation.

The brothers who did the
installation were very efficient, personable, and they did an excellent job.

Believe me when I say we have
already recommended your product and services to others and will continue to do

Thank you very much

Phillip of Salem.


Dear Mr. Bunch

We hope this finds you well. We wrote to your firm on May 30, expressing our
complete satisfaction with our recent work, and particularly with the expert and
courteous service rendered by your two representatives. As you requested
yesterday, we should be very glad to provide a copy of our earlier letter but we
did not retain a copy. However, we would like to once again express our
appreciation for your service.

The two gentlemen representing your firm could not have behaved more
professionally and pleasantly.  It was truly a pleasure to meet both of
them. We particularly noticed the skill and efficiency with which they operated,
working very long days and only taking a few minutes for a short meal. At all
times your representatives were elaborately courteous in the Old World
tradition.  Clean up was superb; other than the excellently manufactured
windows, no one would have know any work had taken place.

You may be well assured the behavior of the gentlemen who installed our windows
is fully emblematic of the high levels of customer service and excellence
engendered by your firm’ leadership.

Please accept our very best wishes for your continuing health, honor, and

Yours faithfully,
Dale and Sandra from Columbia.


I must say that the installers that did my windows were the most courtious group
of men I have ever worked with.  I would gladly have them work on my house

Larry, Seneca


To Toni Waddell,

I would like to thank you for all your help in getting my house in order.  I am
very pleased with the work your men did on the house, they were pleasant and
worked hard.

I am very happy with the work they did.  I can now enjoy the house knowing that
i won’t have to do any work on the outside.

If i hear of anyone that needs work on their house I will tell them to call you
at Southern Vinyl Siding and Windows.

I am sending some pictures of the old Barn,  now a House

Betty of Anderson


Dear Sir or Madam,

I hope this will find you and your staff well, and that you will permit me to
compliment your firm and the two employees who installed our windows, on an
excellent job and most courteous service.

My wife and I are very well satisfied with the appearance of our windows, and
with the skillful and efficient work performed by your employees. We found it
very rewarding to meet such hard working and courteous young gentlemen. Their
craftsmanship and behavior speak very highly of the quality of your firm and its

Please accept my very best wishes for your continuing heal, honor, and prosperity.

Yours faithfully,

Dale of Columbia

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